Coconut Curried Cod

I’m all about the alliteration life. There is something quite pleasing about a recipe title with alliteration. Anyhow, I figured it was about time I shared another recipe with you. This is my coconut curried cod and it’s so quick to whip up, it’s perfect for a creamy and delicious weeknight curry. I shared this […]

Keto (Vegan) Kale & Courgette Tahini Salad

If you’re one of those who thinks kale is unpleasant or bitter, you’re not alone. It’s one of those ‘super foods’ many people avoid, knowing it’s good for you, but also knowing it is quite bitter. Since starting keto, I’ve been eating lots of salads and trying to incorporate healthy fats where possible, this recipe […]

Meatball Spinach & Ricotta Pasta

The colours in this dish make it look even more Italian than it tastes. It’s a delicious combination of punchy tomato sauce as a base and giant pasta shells stuffed with beef meatballs, spinach and ricotta.

Japanese Vegetarian Ramen

There are many variations of Japanese ramen, using a different base for your broth, they pretty much all start out with a stock of some kind, usually pork. I used a mushroom stock for mine as I wanted a vegetarian version. The depth of flavour from the mushrooms is incredible.

Tex Mex Chicken Salad

Happy new year y’all. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. If it was anything like mine I’m sure you’ll have consumed far too much alcohol, turkey and chocolate, the same as every year, no doubt. And in the same vein, the same as every January, I have a hankering for healthy food. I […]

No bake cashew and coconut energy balls

The recipe couldn’t be simpler, chuck everything into a food processor and whizz it up. I love the combination of sticky sweetness from the dates and the crunch from the cashews, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. They make the perfect afternoon sweet treat, let’s face it, who doesn’t get a hankering for something sweet at around 3pm.

Your setback is a platform for your comeback

I am the author (or was) of Miss Friday’s Feast, a food and cookery blog. I worked hard for five years to establish a blog that became home to many of my own recipes and ideas. The blog provided me with a space to air my views and share my love of food with the […]