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I’m Nicole Thake; I am a wife, a mother, grammar geek and obsessive list maker. I am a devoted foodie with a passion for all things delicious. I am hugely passionate about having a balanced lifestyle and listening to my body.

I’ve been on somewhat of a health and fitness regime since the beginning of 2020, mainly because I wasn’t feeling my best. I am feeling stronger, fitter and more in tune with my body now and ultimately, I’m happier. You will find mostly healthy recipes here on my blog, but I’ll throw in the odd indulgent one, because let’s face it life is all about balance.

It’s always encouraging to read comments people leave on my posts, so please, if you’ve tried a recipe or just have something to add please comment. I’m also always interested to hear from readers, if there is anything you’d like me to cook, blog or review please let me know.